Global e-Wholesale Membership SERVICE”

Growing with YESBEE and HIVE CENTER, which are innovative global distribution partnership models of AIO&CO that more easily solve the difficulties of entering overseas markets including China, the United States, and Southeast Asia by carefully selecting potential brands every year with minimal cost and simple procedures!

Through YESBEE and HIVEC ENTER, we provide a service that can shorten the B2B process, which previously took about 30 days or more, to within 10 days.


Brand incubation

Entry is easy, strategy in the long run! Increase sales conversion rate by using both sales and marketing channels!”

From Taobao and Wanghong stores in more than 50 stores, from exposing essential sales channels to Wanghong celebrity collaboration viral content and periodic live broadcasts!

Drop shipping

Sales+operation+delivery+marketing is the real [Fulfillment]

Brands only need to be stocked at the YESBEE HIVE CENTER!

Product registration, sales, operation, marketing, delivery, and CS at top e-commerce companies in China, Southeast Asia, and the United States that have partnered with us

“I didn’t know it would be so easy to go global!”

드롭 쉬핑 Process


“Cindy’s recommended curation shop, CINDY PICK!”

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