‘Foklin’, 10,000 social returns with mask donation relay.

‘Foklin’, 10,000 social returns with mask donation relay.

Donation relay  to help the elderly living alone and the vulnerable in the community

AIO&CO Korea, which operates the Foklin brand, is conducting a relay to donate a portion of sales revenue to help vulnerable groups who are struggling in the aftermath of the prolonged Corona virus.

During the month of June, the company is holding an event to donate to individuals and organizations that need masks along with SBS Radio Power FM “Two o’clock Escape Cultwo Show.”

Prior to this, in May, the company provided a Foklin mask with Cindy Pick through the Chikichiki section, which introduces the listeners of MBC Radio FM 4U (91.9MHz) “Date at 2 o’clock, Muzie, Ahn Young-mi,” and conducted a YouTube mask donation campaign with creators (such as Kkongji and News Olympics). YouTube channel donation campaign was held through a YouTube channel, and a part of the profits were conducted to the Senior Support Center for the Elderly.

As a brand pursuing a clean lifestyle, Foklin has secured a loyal customer base by launching hygiene products and cleansing products that focus on cleanliness and cleansing power since the first half of this year. Among them, the Foklin Triple Filter Dental Mask is a product with MB filter applied, and it uses high-quality materials to increase the blocking rate of harmful substances, but it is a comfortable breathing mask that responds well to summer masks and continuously improves products to meet customer needs.


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