5 beauty startups selected for the second Nivea Accelerator

5 beauty startups selected for the second Nivea Accelerator

NIVEA Accelerator (NX), the beauty accelerator program of Beiersdorf, a global skincare company, announced five domestic startups that have been selected for the second term. The selected second  startups will participate in the accelerator program for one year from July this year.

NX is the first accelerator program in Korea to discover the next-generation K-Beauty startup by German beauty company Beiersdorf, well known  for its global brand Nivea. NX, which is held on a yearly basis, provides customized benefits for startups, including long-term partnerships with selected startups, mentoring with top executives in the Global Beiersdorf Group, and various training programs.

Since early this year, NX has conducted an internal evaluation of more than 250 startups, and based on the results of the evaluation, 10 startups were selected as final candidates.Finally, the company finally selected five NX second-term startups after in-depth discussions with the German headquarters committee under strict screening standards.

The five companies are Femmue (a premium face care brand inspired by Flower Therapy), Beigic (a minimalistic vegan skincare brand with green coffee beans), Ice creative (a local beauty influencer management company with D2C beauty brand), Woohwaman (a beauty community platform that helps consumers’ ideas come true with new product development), and AIO&CO (a global platform that helps local manufacturers and overseas buyers connect).

“We are very excited to be able to join five innovative beauty startups in Korea this year following the successful launch of last year’s program,” said Endrik Hasemann, the head of a Korean branch and co-founder of NX. “For the first-term start-up of the NX, it has recorded sales growth of more than 130% and has successfully worked on various projects this year with Beiersdorf Group’s C.A.R.E+ strategy.

“NX will be able to grow into a leading Asian beauty accelerator by 2022,” said Jakk Brozda, co-founder of NX. I will continue to work hard to make it happen.” In addition, NX co-founder Jacek Brozda said, “We will continue to implement innovative collaboration projects between selected beauty startups and Beiersdorf,” adding, “NX will continue to make efforts to grow into one of Asia’s leading beauty accelerators by 2022.”

Meanwhile, in June last year, NX opened an NX office in WeWork, Hongdae, Seoul. Through this, the company is conducting support activities such as discovering domestic beauty start-ups and further establishing partnerships from a long-term perspective. For example, in the case of LYCL (Unpa cosmetics), which was selected as the first NX and showed excellent capabilities, Beiersdorf became the second-largest shareholder of Rikle in December.

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